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Takamina Wish for General Election!!!



Aim for sousenkyou?
Takamina: I registered last minute so I haven’t really talked about this anywhere but… I’d like to go higher than #7.


Apr 10th, 2014

Acchan’s Twitter:
Takamina Happy BirthdayIt’s a great day~♡ 


Acchan’s Twitter:

Takamina Happy Birthday
It’s a great day~♡ 

Apr 9th, 2014

お誕生日おめでとう ♥ みなみ!!

our dear general manager, I’ve been following you for almost 4 years already. watching you, adoring you and rooting for you. you went through so much happiness and pain last year, never giving up, yet remained to be a considerate senpai for the future of the group. from now on when choices come to you, no matter what your decision is, I believe people will understand. people like us, the fans, and your friends, comrades, will support you.

Happy Birthday!!  have a wonderful blast let’s grow old together

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Apr 8th, 2014

Happy Birthday, Takamina!
You are truly a legendary idol. An adorable girl with a precious smile, but strength beyond compare. Words cannot describe what a remarkable human being you are. Thank you for showing us that effort will definitely be rewarded! You always lead by example and remind us that dreams can come true! Thank you for being who you are!

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Apr 8th, 2014


Happy Birthday to the Best oshi in the world .

Takamina is the most cutest , beautiful , funniest and nicest girl in this world.

She’s an amazing singer , an awesome manager , and a wondeful captain. But she’s not just a leader , before all she’s a member , not just a member like others , she is the most important in all the 48 groups. Without her , AKB isn’t AKB .

For us , Ribbon , TakaBoss , AtsuMina , Jane Doe , Captain , Soukantoku , Bird … mean Takamina .

When she’s sad , i’m sad  ; when she smiles , I smile ; when she’s happy , I’m happy . If you are a member of the Takarmy , Minami’s fan or if just you love her , you know this feelling .

She’s like a diamond , she’s is very precious .

Takamina is a legend .

Together , we can put Takamina to the top for the Senbatsu Elections !

Happy 23rd Birthday to my little Soukantoku , I’ll always love you .

Apr 8th, 2014
Apr 8th, 2014

Maeda Atsuko’s first solo live “I will be crying today”


Translated from this Oricon news article.


Actress and also a singer, Maeda Atsuko held her first solo live “SEVENTH CHORD” at Zepp Tokyo today. After graduating from AKB48, her chance to mingle with the fans has drastically decreased. During today’s reunion with 2700 fans, “I usually pretend to be tough and don’t say this but, I will be crying today” Maeda said with a bashful grin while wiping her tears.


At first, Maeda had enthusiastically said, “This is the 1st time for me to have a proper live. I’ve gotta show something that is worthwhile” but something unusual came over her on the 5th song, the ballad “Migikata”. Her voice was choked up multiple times & fans ended up singing on her behalf during the 2nd chorus. It is proceeded by “Kimi ha boku da” where she cried while holding her forehead. She held both hands together as a sign of apology but the crowd wrapped her up with a big warm “Acchan” call.


"The song & everyone kinda overlapped so… I’m really sorry…" Maeda laughed wryly. "It’s only the first 5 songs. But you would probably have thought that I was singing the finale" she made fun of herself, "Sorry for getting all emotional by myself there". Fans who had waited long for "singer Acchan" showered her with words like "Welcome back!" "Aitakatta" "We’ve been waiting". While holding her hand over her heart, she replied tearily, "Being on my own (solo) means that it gets harder to meet everyone, it has been lonely. So I’m glad I get to meet everyone today".


This live was supposed to be in commemoration of Seventh Code which was released last month but probably because she had been crying & was shaken up, she asked airily “It has been half a year since the release last year right?”. It was promptly corrected by the fans and she seemed flustered and replied, “Eh, it was released in March? Not October (last year)?” where the audience was subsequently enveloped in further laughter.

With a live band backing her up, Maeda sang a total of 18 songs enthusiastically for 2 hours. “I’ve gotta make more opportunities to meet everyone like this” she said at the end, making a promise for a reunion with her fans.

Apr 3rd, 2014



From Acchan’s live today…

MC: How do u wake up in the morning?

Acchan: Cellphone’s alarm I guess?

Fans: Takamina??

Acchan: …Takamina? Woken up by Takamina? That’s probably effective. She would have woken me up for sure. *trademark nose crinkle Acchan smile*


P/S: Acchan cried while singing Migikata at her live today (Takamina also cried while single this song at her solo live last year). Must be a meaningful song for them both. ;_;

Apr 3rd, 2014

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Apr 2nd, 2014
Mar 30th, 2014